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Opinion: Five reasons Karl McCartney won Lincoln

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras

Adam Allcroft provides the Linc with the closest thing we’ve ever had to a ‘listicle’, analysing why Karl beat the pundits to stay MP for Lincoln.

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Candidate interview: Lucy Rigby (Labour)

Over the last few decades, the race for the Lincoln seat has been close. In this General Election, Labour candidate Lucy Rigby is the bookies favourite, but not with any huge margin.

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Lucy Rigby responds to accusations of SU hustings hypocrisy

Karl McCartney and Lucy Rigby

Lucy Rigby has been accused of not signing a form allowing her to attend an SU hustings, despite criticising Karl McCartney for not doing so either.

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Opinion: Support our mental health campaign

This week Lincoln Labour Students launched a campaign, ‘REVISE’, in order to introduce awareness of mental issues, reduce stigma, and improve services for mental health conditions both nationally and on campus, writes Karman Hussain, a member of Lincoln Labour Students.

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