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Colour Correcting Concealer

Colour correcting make up seems to have been around for years but in recent months they’ve become really, really popular. BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan are just two sites to have produced content on the subject in the last few months. But what’s the point of all this coloured concealer and what it is supposed to do? […]

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What makeup is worth your money: eye edition

Eye makeup is supposed to make your eyes more noticeable, in other words make them stand out more. You can do this by using different makeup techniques, which can vary from basic to the more complicated.

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What makeup is worth your money?

These days there are so many great makeup brands on the market, which is amazing, especially for those who are interested in beauty and cosmetics. But for some, the large selection of makeup brands might make it a bit harder to choose what to buy. What makeup is actually worth spending more money on?

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Make-up tips for oily skin

Oily skin isn’t something that you would think people have to deal with during winter, considering that most people’s skin only produces excess shine during the warmer months of the year. However, for the unlucky few, colder weather doesn’t necessarily mean dryer skin – so here are some tips on how to deal with oily/shiny […]

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Why winter make-up isn’t so bad

This is the time of the year that lends itself to all sorts of make-up styles and one that doesn’t wreak as much havoc on your skin.

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How to perfect Kendall Jenner’s look on a budget

If you’ve ever tried to recreate a celebrity makeup look, you’ll know that the products their makeup artists use just aren’t within a student’s budget, but with new products hitting the drugstores everyday it’s not hard to recreate their look for less.

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Is high brand make-up worth it?

The only problem with being a full on make-up lover, is the expense of the high branded make up. But luckily for you, Michelle Carroll has some make-up dupes.

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Quality but cheap pharmacy make-up for students

As students, we don’t have a big budget when it comes to make up, but just because we can’t blow the bank doesn’t mean we have to settle for a lower quality.

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The benefits of being a non-girly girl

Becky Lancashire reveals the plus side to wearing little make-up and not being a “girly” girl

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Linc Beauty: Makeup for a night out

 Written by Jess Watt. For me, the best part of going out in Lincoln has always been the ‘getting ready’ part. For nights out, I think every girl wears a bit more make up and I’m exactly the same.

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