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Put your best face forward with flawless coverage

Suffering with acne prone and blemish susceptible skin is an inconvenience 99 per cent of teenagers and young adults frustratingly deal with.

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Linc Style: our Christmas must-haves

Written by Jemma Page, Brigid Farrell and Rebecca Roe Here in Lincoln, the Style team have written their Christmas list of beauty items that they hope to find under the tree this year.

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High street beauty bargains

Written by Brigid Farrell. 2013 has really been the year of the high street beauty buys and in some cases, high street products are almost perfect dupes for a product that is three times as expensive. So, let’s all celebrate the high street and have some change from a tenner.

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2013 Autumn/Winter make up trends

Written by Brigid Farrell. With the leaves crisping under foot and the days getting colder, it’s hard to deny that autumn is well under way and of course make up trends adjust along with the weather. 

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Sweeney Todd – An experimental play at LPAC

Darkness, wit and humour were above LPAC on the evening of May 31, as Lincoln School of Performing Arts brought on stage a rather new style production.

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