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Journalists Speak out on Journalism: Media ethics

(from left to right) Marc Wadsworth, Kevin Marsh and Steven Fletcher discussing media ethics. Photo: David Wriglesworth

Three top journalists are discussing “Media ethics in the wake of Leveson and the phone hacking scandal” at the Jackson Lecture Theatre, University of Lincoln.

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Speaker series attracts big name journalists

Editor of The Latest, Marc Wadsworth is one of the journalists giving a talk at the university.

John Pilger, Dorothy Byrne and Marc Wadsworth are a number of the big name journalists visiting the university as part of the Journalists Speak out on Journalism series of talks this term.

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Citizen journalism – is it the future?

The Latest.com editor Marc Wadsworth spoke about citizen journalism in the future.

Citizen journalism is a “fantastic new development”, according to the editors of two major news websites who took part in the latest Journalists speak out about Journalism talk.

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Is PR killing journalism? [Part 2]

Journalists and PR practitioners debated the influence of public relations on the news on February 22nd at the University of Lincoln, arguing over whether PR is killing “real journalism”.

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