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Issues with invisibility – an interview with author Ross Welford

Have you ever wished to just snap your fingers and become invisible? To hide from the world, just for a moment. Ross Welford’s brilliant new novel What Not To Do If You Turn Yourself Invisible is here to change your mind.

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Mark Thomas: ‘America has elected a man who has been publicly endorsed by the KKK, and that is f*****g terrifying.’

In the early hours of Wednesday November 9, 2016 it was decided that Donald J. Trump would be the next president of the United States of America.

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Trainspotting 2 trailer released

20 years ago a film was released which has since seen a massive cult following. Danny Boyle has revived one of his biggest films and Trainspotting 2 is hitting our screens early next year.

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Nintendo give us the first official look at the Switch

Nintendo have officially announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch.

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Say “Aloha!” to the first hands-on-glimpse at Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Go’s popularity seems to have died, the public have had enough, but loyal fans are still craving for more and Pokémon Sun and Moon is nearly here to feed those hungry fans.

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Review: Green Day – Revolution Radio

Popular culture in 2016 seems to have gone: “Hey, what was popular 20 years ago? Pokémon, Ghostbusters, Hey Arnold, MTV, Britney Spears… Why don’t we just make them all again?!”

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Felicity Ward brings mental health to comedy with her new show 50% More Likely to Die

Off the back of a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Australian comedian, Felicity Ward is bringing her show 50% More Likely to Die to Lincoln this month.

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Review: Signs of Light – The Head and the Heart

Seattle-based indie-folk band The Head and The Heart are back with their third album, the aptly named Signs of Light.

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Newton Faulkner – straight from the West End to Lincoln

Newton Faulkner’s music can only be defined as the ultimate in easy-listening. His chilled out atmosphere and feel good music makes him a delight to listen to and even more of a delight to see live.

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Alias Kid on their first Lincoln show

After recording and releasing their first full album in 2015, Alias Kid are heading off on their very first solo tour – and stopping off at Lincoln along the way.

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