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Mature and Postgraduate students group set to make a comeback

A group for mature and postgraduate students at the University of Lincoln is relaunching this week.

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Fancy hat! Fashion student shows off headwear

Headwear gets a chance in the limelight, as student Claudia Aliffe shows her hand-styled pieces off to The Linc.

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Claudia Aliffe: a student with initiative

Claudia Aliffe, a mature student at the University of Lincoln, is studying fashion. Jessica Brown looks at her designs and aspirations.

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Invasion of the wrinklies

Even though he is a mature student, Mike Hodges is deeply suspicious of the whole idea of higher education courses tailored for the over 50s age group.

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Few lab technicians and visa problems at the post-grad committee

Post graduate students discuseed concerns over overseas student visas and elected the new chair of the Post Graduate and Mature Students Committee.

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