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What’s the deal with Legal Highs?

Mephedrone is just one of the legal highs on the market. Photo: Anneka James

Would you sniff plant killer? Maybe inhale bath salts? It’s the new, legal, way to get high, but would you risk your life?

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Meow Meow’s ninth life is up

People caught with the drug now face up to 14 years in prison | Photo: Anneka James

Following its connection with the deaths of two Lincolnshire teenagers, the legal high mephedrone, otherwise known as Meow Meow, has been banned since Monday, April 19th.

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Making money from Meow Meow: students dealing drugs

Some students in Bournemouth have been making money by dealing mephedrone while it's still legal (model in picture): Photo Shane Croucher

EXCLUSIVE — Shane Croucher talks to a student who has been cashing in on the legal-high mephedrone, the latest drug craze taking the UK club scene by storm.

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Mephedrone: UK’s favorite new drug

The new craze drug, Mephedrone, comes in powder form. | Photo: Anneka James.

Mephedrone is a new legal high beginning to cross clubs all over the UK. Candi Hindocha looks into the new drug, and the dangers behind taking it.

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