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Making the motion with Playstation Move

The £49.99 "Starter Pack" contains a Playstation Move controller, PS Eye camera and a demo disc. Photo: Sony

With Kinect and the Nintendo 3DS months away, there’s one new way to play that’s in stores right now. Jonathan Cresswell tries Sony’s motion controller.

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Gaming’s next Kinection

A selection of games for Kinect, Microsoft's new way of playing games. Photo: Microsoft

Leave your dignity at the door – as you become the controller with a new gadget for the Xbox 360. Jonathan Cresswell tries the new 3D camera from Microsoft.

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Sony’s “Move” brings motion gaming to PS3

Look familiar? The Playstation Move controller is reminiscent of the Wii Remote. Photo: Sony

A new Nintendo Wii-inspired controller for the Playstation 3 has been revealed alongside a lineup of new games to be released this autumn.

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Natal: New movement in gaming set for 2010 release

Caption: Natal captures full body movement in 3D as a new way of controlling games. | Photo: Microsoft

A new device for the Xbox 360 is to allow your whole body to be used as the controller in a year set to be dominated by motion control.

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