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Campaign to tackle bullying is underway

Written by Natasha Bourke. This week marks Anti Bullying week across England with the main focus being on empowering children and raising awareness for people who are being bullied. The theme for this year is ‘Make a noise about bullying’.

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Quality but cheap pharmacy make-up for students

As students, we don’t have a big budget when it comes to make up, but just because we can’t blow the bank doesn’t mean we have to settle for a lower quality.

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reView: The Martian

The Martian film poster

Ridley Scott’s latest film comes in the form of The Martian. Natasha Ireton-Bourke reviews.

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Gap Year vs Straight to University

When exam results flood in, many A Level students are leaving school and trying to figure out what their next step will be. Two very popular options are heading straight to university or going on a gap year.

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