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Why you should give blood and what to expect

Holly Reddish tells you how to get involved in giving blood and why you should consider it.

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Lincoln campaigners raise awareness of “reprehensible” EU trade deal

Gary Hewson, Labour councillor (Boultham ward)

Campaigning organisation 38 Degrees took to Lincoln’s High Street today in order to protest the controversial Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP).

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University of Lincoln research shows that smoking can slow fractures from healing

The University of Lincoln and the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust have performed research that shows smoking harms chances of recovering from fractures.

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The Imps have their ball skills tackled

Local footballers have visited Lincoln City’s training ground to raise awareness of male specific cancer with the Imps’ players – with the help of “ball bags”.

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Eating disorders can’t be ignored

Living with an eating disorder is a debilitating problem that affects huge numbers of the population. Candi Hindocha talks to Lincoln students about their experience.

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More anger at modern morning-after pill

A new study outlining the capability of new morning-after pill, branded by some as the “abortion pill”, has sparked fears of it leading to a more casual attitude towards sex.

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A student’s ordeal with swine flu

With predictions of another swine flu surge as winter begins, University of Lincoln student Brooke Charlesworth shares her experience of the illness.

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Young girls protected against cervical cancer

The cervical cancer vaccine, known as the HPV jab, has been given to more than a million young girls in the UK. While there has been some concern, the jab is extremely safe.

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Chlamydia: UK’s ‘favourite’ STI

One in 12 people in the county are infected with Chalmydia. Do you know how to keep safe?

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Enough with the spiked drinks

Whilst the bars start to get busier in town, it’s important to remember that drink spiking is a heightened danger at this time of year.

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