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Opinion: Devolution is best for Britain

Photo of Cameron and Salmond

The Scottish Independence Referendum has sent shockwaves around the rest of the United Kingdom and has opened up a whole new debate about a UK-wide devolution settlement, writes Kamran Hussain

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Coalition indicates it will keep fees capped

Nick Clegg has confirmed that the coalition will keep tuition fees capped, with the likely cap being around £7,000 per year.

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Clegg is a liar and he will pay at the ballot box

Scott Wheeler thinks Nick Clegg lied to his Sheffield constituents, many of whom are students, about his stance on tuition fees — and that he’ll pay for it come 2015.

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Lincoln vice-chancellor hits out at possible fees rise

Professor Mary Stuart has hit out at the possibility of increased tuition fees following Lord Browne’s higher education spending review.

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Rage against the government, not the machine

Now that voting is associated more with X Factor than democracy, Jonathan Cresswell considers what would happen if reality TV infected politics.

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