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Nintendo give us the first official look at the Switch

Nintendo have officially announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch.

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Say “Aloha!” to the first hands-on-glimpse at Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Go’s popularity seems to have died, the public have had enough, but loyal fans are still craving for more and Pokémon Sun and Moon is nearly here to feed those hungry fans.

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Miitomo is here in time to ruin your degree

Mii in a 'breaking news' studio

Nintendo’s first ever mobile app, Miitomo, shot to the top of the download charts when it was released at the end of last week. Gregor Smith tries to explain why.

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Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero release date pushed back to 2016

The highly anticipated Wii U game Star Fox Zero was set to be released for the holiday season, but it’s been announced that the game has been pushed back.

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Gamecity lets down Legend of Zelda fans

Annual festival Gamecity was meant to be a celebration of The Legend of Zelda, but it proved to be nothing more than a face painting frenzy. Sofie Rogers explains why it didn’t live up to its hype.

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Fans up at midnight to pick up glasses-free 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS was released on Friday, March 25th and fans waited in Lincoln to pick up the new console at midnight.

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Never too cool for the Pokéball

It captured the imaginations of a generation 11 years ago – and with the latest versions of Pokémon approaching, it’s still as fresh as ever.

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3DS: Nintendo’s next dimension of gaming

There’s a big change with the next Nintendo DS as it introduces 3D gaming without any glasses. Jonathan Cresswell tests the new console.

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Nintendo announces glasses-free 3D handheld

The next revision of the Nintendo DS has been revealed. The Nintendo 3DS will be the first handheld to include 3D gaming without the need for any special glasses.

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Gaming BAFTAs: Our predictions and the winners

After celebrating the best in film and TV, BAFTA held their 6th video game awards ceremony on Friday, and Jonathan Cresswell predicted the winners. But was he right?

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