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Opinion: Five reasons Karl McCartney won Lincoln

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras

Adam Allcroft provides the Linc with the closest thing we’ve ever had to a ‘listicle’, analysing why Karl beat the pundits to stay MP for Lincoln.

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LIVEBLOG: Lincoln elections count

Asmund and Gregor, our news editors, are both at the Lincoln count for the parliamentary and local elections. They’ll update you via this liveblog and on Twitter.

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Has the “Green Surge” missed Lincoln?

Lee Thomas, Lincoln Green Party

Despite a £75,000 fundraiser, there’s no Green parliamentary candidate for Lincoln. In a swing seat city with two growing universities, The Linc asks: has the #GreenSurge missed Lincoln?

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Elections 2015: your local candidates

The general election is now less than a month away, but who can you actually vote for in Lincoln?

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Lucy Rigby responds to accusations of SU hustings hypocrisy

Karl McCartney and Lucy Rigby

Lucy Rigby has been accused of not signing a form allowing her to attend an SU hustings, despite criticising Karl McCartney for not doing so either.

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Election hustings cancelled as SU sticks to speakers policy

University of Lincoln Students' Union building

A chance for University of Lincoln students to pose questions to the city’s parliamentary candidates has been called off after the Students’ Union refused to make exceptions on its external speakers policy.

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Lincoln MP petitioned to take part in election debate

A petition has been started to get current Lincoln MP, Karl McCartney, involved in a multiplatform debate prior to the general election.

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