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Move through Lincoln with Kinect powered photo exhibition

Gigalinc allows you to look around high resolution views of Lincoln through hand gestures and movement. Photo: Samuel Cox

The motion-detecting Kinect camera meets high-resolution photography in an exhibition at the LPAC, in a show allowing people to interact with pictures in a unique way.

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Taking pictures of pain

A picture from one of Zoriah's collections documenting the vast problem with AIDS in Asia. Photo: Zoriah Miller

Zoriah Miller is a world famous photographer who specialises in humanitarian disasters. He talks to The Linc about what he does and why he does it.

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Hair, hairspray, hair-pieces, and little turns

Lincoln’s Talking Heads salon celebrate their 25th anniversary, in style. Our Deputy Editor Harry Lincoln, was not only reporting, but also taking part in their glamourous photo shoot.

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People *Love* Photos: a film about sexuality, family life and love

People*Love*Photos is a documentary from the UK-based Amadelio film makers, which follows four photographers around their homes and studios as they make and discuss their work.

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