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Is it all doom and gloom for our graduates?

We asked three of Lincoln’s 2010 graduates how they’re getting on in the big, bad world. Here’s what they had to say.

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Art students reflect economic damage with Globa’loss’ation

A group of fine art students at the university exhibited their recession-themed artwork in an empty shop this week. Emma Pearson reports.

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The demise of the local pub

With over forty pubs closing down every week, Stephanie Bolton examines why the places that used to be the hub of the community are vanishing from the UK’s towns and cities.

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No experience for that perfect job

Anxious Lincoln students fear that a dream job is out of reach due to the recession. Daisy Simpson looks at what they can do to get ahead.

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University should escape recession unscathed

The recession has affected the whole country, but it looks like the University of Lincoln may not be as hard hit.

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How to recession-proof your CV

It seems your course on its own won’t be enough to get you a job at the end of your studies. Here are a few extra things you can do about it.

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‘You have insufficient funds’ says cashpoint

When drawing out money at an ATM one night, Harry Lincoln discovered that someone else could access his account too.

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Road to France: Lincs’ answer to the economic downturn

While the Lincolnshire music scene has managed to keep up when indie, punk and metal all recieved a massive boom, so far it has yet to deliver on the synth front — up until now that is.

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University cuts threaten degree standards says UCU leader

A government order to impose a £400m saving scheme in universities may prompt a backlash from fee-paying students, the head of the lecturers’ union warned.

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Recession hits graduates hard

2009 graduates face a difficult year for job prospects but may have to be prepared to put aspirations of high salaries to one side in order to build up experience.

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