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Relationships and university: the perfect match?

Whilst it might seem depressing to be on your own on Valentine’s day, being in a relationship at university is sometimes not the right way to go.

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Show me the money

Is there anything wrong with selling your time and affection in return for a better quality of life? Sara Shah examines the life of ‘sugar babies’.

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The last female taboo

The practice of abortion has existed for thousands of years, but today the issue still divides opinion. Sophie Card reports.

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Domestic bliss or recipe for disaster?

Choosing who you live with is one of the most important choices at university. Candi Hindocha looks at why people choose to live at home, with friends or their partner.

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A man’s world: The Single Life

Why do single guys enjoy life without a girlfriend? Sam Clements takes a look at the other side of the debate, following “The Single Life” of girls.

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The Single Life: alone is better?

With more single women in the UK than those in a relationship, being single is becoming more of a lifestyle choice for women around the country. Read here for some single girls’ outlooks on life without a partner.

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Time to tackle domestic violence

With the problem of domestic violence on the rise, Candi Hindocha looks at how to avoid falling in to an abusive relationship.

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Cheating: The secrets we keep

Jessica Brown looks at the reasons why so many end up cheating or being cheated on in their relationships.

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