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Homosexuality and Islam – a match made in heaven?

Most universities have LGBT societies and many cities host Gay Pride events. However, for some Muslims homosexuality is the biggest sin of all.

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Show me the money

Is there anything wrong with selling your time and affection in return for a better quality of life? Sara Shah examines the life of ‘sugar babies’.

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Gaming’s next Kinection

Leave your dignity at the door – as you become the controller with a new gadget for the Xbox 360. Jonathan Cresswell tries the new 3D camera from Microsoft.

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Skirting the issue

The average man is much better presented today than he used to be. However, wearing a skirt is still a rarity. Natalie Littlewood finds out why.

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The last female taboo

The practice of abortion has existed for thousands of years, but today the issue still divides opinion. Sophie Card reports.

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Q & A: Josie Long

She’s a Perrier award winning comedian, writer and regular comedy show panelist. Now, Josie Long is bringing her critically acclaimed show, “Be Honourable” to the Drill Hall as part of the Lincoln Comedy Festival in October. Mark Bowery caught up with her.

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The sound of change

More time, influences, and just making money – Luke Morton looks at the reasons why the first album sometimes sounds different from the next.

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Me, myself and loneliness

When deep connections from home are lost, students can find themselves becoming increasingly lonely. Stephanie Bolton reports on the causes and the cures.

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Comedy’s last unmentionable

In comedy it seems few things are sacred. Samantha Viner looks at the people making fun out of disability.

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