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Fresher advice: Condoms – get a clue

Figures from the Terrence Higgins Trust has revealed that students are clueless about condoms. Guest reporter, James Thornhill offers some advice to new starters.

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Blitz your body into shape for summer

If you’re looking to get in to shape for Summer, it’s a great time to try a quirky new way to get fit. Candi Hindocha gives some new suggestions from In-line skating to the Double Dutch.

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Virgin at 20 as a lifestyle choice

Drunken sex with complete strangers and catching Chlamydia is part of the university experience for many. But a 20-year-old student didn’t succumb to this lifestyle.

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Two abortions at 19: time for sex education reforms?

Has sexual education been failing us? Alex Colman tries to untangle the situation and finds out about Holly, who had two abortions by the time she was 19, and why England has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

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