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Relationships and university: the perfect match?

Valentine's Day can be a tough day for people not in a relationship. Photo: JoshBerglund19 via Flickr

Whilst it might seem depressing to be on your own on Valentine’s day, being in a relationship at university is sometimes not the right way to go.

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A man’s world: The Single Life

Single guys enjoy their freedom and independence. Photo: Anneka James

Why do single guys enjoy life without a girlfriend? Sam Clements takes a look at the other side of the debate, following “The Single Life” of girls.

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The Single Life: alone is better?

Single girls are embracing their freedom. Photo: Mark Sebastian

With more single women in the UK than those in a relationship, being single is becoming more of a lifestyle choice for women around the country. Read here for some single girls’ outlooks on life without a partner.

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Valentine’s Day — the ultimate survival guide

Illustration: Michael Schofield (Click to enlarge)

Single and miserable on Valentine’s Day? It only comes once a year, but it is a date that sends dread into the heart of lonely singletons everywhere.

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