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Get your skin ready for summer

Our top picks for getting your skin care routine summer ready. Photo credit: Jemma Page

The sun has just started peeking out of the clouds in Lincoln and despite the fact that it’s still quite chilly outside, it’s no longer bitterly cold which means that we may start turning our central heating down and embracing the sun.

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Winter skincare

Little saviours that go that extra mile when it comes to your skin. Photo credit: Brigid Farrell

Written by Brigid Farrell. Winter can be seriously damaging to our skin with a combination of wind, cold and central heating all contributing to a dry and lifeless appearance.  It’s time to layer up the products and lock in the moisture.

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DIY face masks: beauty on a budget

Eric Skiff

Written by Jess Watt. With the combination of little sleep, a poor diet and stress from the endless amounts of university work, it’s likely your skin may suffer.

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