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Why are ‘minority’ sports ignored by the media?

In a world of tough media competition, and immense pressures for the best pictures, the shocking headlines and the most views, clicks, or sales, it’s no surprise that media outlets worldwide have been forced into a frenzy of panic, sometimes leaving quality and variety further down their priority list than statistics.

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F***ing what? The surprising statistics behind Rooney

The Linc’s Tim Long says Wayne Rooney may be foul-mouthed but, contrary to widespread belief, he’s doing plenty of talking on the field this season too.

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Merson: “If Batty was as scatty we’d have won World Cup”

Ex-Arsenal star Paul Merson entertained guests at Lincoln City’s sportsman’s dinner on Wednesday night.

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Harris backs Sky over sexism row

Lincoln Ladies’ captain Megan Harris has spoken out on the recent Sky sexism controversy.

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