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The demise of the local pub

Forty pubs a week are closing down across the UK. | Photo: Anneka James

With over forty pubs closing down every week, Stephanie Bolton examines why the places that used to be the hub of the community are vanishing from the UK’s towns and cities.

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Smokers left out in the cold

New government health plans would extend the smoking ban to entrances to public buildings. | Photo: Anneka James

There’s a mixed response as banning smokers from the entrances of buildings could take the smoking ban one step further. Candi Hindocha looks at both sides of the argument.

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Smoking ban extension could be hit and miss

The government are proposing an extension of the smoking ban to stop smoking at the entrances of buildings. Photo: CC Saudi

A review of the smoking ban could move smokers away from building entrances, but students have a mixed reaction to the new guidelines.

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