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Let’s kick our state funding addiction

Are you addicted to state handouts?  Photo: Mike Hodges

The Spending Review didn’t go far enough and should have been the time to cut Britain’s addiction to benefits, argues Mike Hodges.

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Lincolnians prepare to fight the cuts

Saturday's march is expected to be even bigger than the May Day march earlier this year. Photo: Jack Dobson

An assortment of Lincolnians, from students, to workers, parents and pensioners, are uniting against the severe budget cuts declared by the government on Wednesday, October 20th.

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Lincoln students to MP: don’t leave us in the Browne stuff

Karl McCartney will be under pressure to represent the 14,000 current students of Lincoln. Photo: The Linc

Many students at the University of Lincoln have come out against the Browne report, labelling it ridiculous, dangerous and unfair — and warn Lincoln’s MP not to betray them.

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Browne review suggests no cap on tuition fees

Lord Browne has suggested that higher fees is the way forward in higher education funding. Photo: DECC

No cap on fees, higher interest rates on repayments, and repayment threshold of £21k, says Lord Browne’s higher education spending review.

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‘Browne review: Securing a sustainable future for higher education’

Wondering what Lord Browne’s report says in it its own words? Read the review in full inside this article.

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