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Sports Council: New teams, reorganisation worries, and Tower Bar trouble

The latest Sports Council saw two new teams officially recognised and concerns were raised that sports could be neglected with next year’s SU reshuffle.

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AU president speaks out

New Athletic Union president Chris Farrell has high hopes for sports at the University of Lincoln this academic year.

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SU societies face student backlash

New members were encouraged to sign up to societies during Freshers’ Week and the Societies Fayre. After hoards of emails and Facebook messages, almost all new members have been inducted and they can proudly wear their society’s colours. Yet not all members have been inducted, or even emailed from their societies.

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Beddoes: The ex SU President speaks

Being an SU officer is more like part politician, part holiday rep, part businessperson and part student. Not one day at work is ever the same. One day you can find yourself making new friends and partying in the Engine Shed, the next you are wearing a suit and attending the Board of Governors.

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