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NUS VP Welfare: “we need to make it impossible for government to ignore us”

Shelly Asquith, NUS VP Welfare 2015/16

Gregor Smith speaks to Shelly Asquith, newly elected NUS Vice President Welfare, about how she plans to tackle the various emerging crises in student welfare under a majority Conservative government.

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Article 4 still up for consultation

Lincoln's West End, a popular residential area. Photo: Luke Pennington via Flickr.

Local legislation that would see restrictions imposed on the number of properties converted to student homes still has an uncertain future.

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Clubeasy student housing subsidiary goes bankrupt

ClubEasy offices, Newland, Lincoln

Subsidiary landlords¬†for one of Lincoln’s student accommodation giants, ClubEasy, have fallen into administration after going bankrupt, affecting more than 170 students.

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Masterplan of Brayford Pool campus detailed

MAB Main Admin Building  (Credit - University of Lincoln)

University of Lincoln students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the Brayford Pool campus masterplan. John Fernandez reports.

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Personal details of 700 Lincoln students available online

Courts 1

The personal details of almost 700 current University of Lincoln students are publicly available online. Michael Passingham reports.

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Lincolnshire Police offer advice to students following theft

Lincolnshire Police say that about 25 per cent of burglaries are a direct result of leaving doors and windows open. Photo: Ian Britton

Lincolnshire Police have offered some advice to students following the theft of a laptop from a ground floor bedroom. John Fernandez reports.

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Lincoln’s cabin crisis? Life inside the bunkabins

The bunkabins might be small and uncomfortable, but there's a real sense of community spirit around Festival Gardens. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

As space ran out in the city, we speak to the people living in cabins who tell us what life is really like inside them… and the university responds to their issues and complaints.

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Students react to Festival Gardens: ‘a shack in the car park’

Many of the Festival Gardens residents have taken the situation in good humour, making friends and swapping phone numbers. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

The first residents of the University of Lincoln’s temporary student village, the Festival Gardens, have moved in – but whilst some freshers are taking it in good spirits, others aren’t happy with their “box with a bed in it”.

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100 cabins expected for temporary ‘Festival Gardens’ site

The 'Festival Gardens' site is situated in the LPAC Car Park. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

88 students will be able to stay in the temporary student village on Sunday, with a total of 100 of the dual-occupancy cabins expected to be on site by next week – but the university is not apologising for the situation.

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Temporary student village takes shape in LPAC car park

The temporary village of portacabins takes shape outside the Engineering Hub. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

Work has begun installing temporary accommodation portacabins for students currently without permanent rooms, and we speak to a few of the students worried about where they will be living.

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