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Student debt set to increase by up to a third

student debt infographic

Maintenance grants for students from poorer backgrounds will be scrapped next year, following Chancellor George Osborneā€™s 2015 budget.

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Student loans could rise with inflation

Almost three million students and graduates are facing higher interest rates to their loans due to sharp inflation increases this year, says an Independent report.

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Student Loans Company warns of email scam

A new email phishing scam is targeting students’ bank accounts, the Student Loans Company and the University of Lincoln warned. Find out how to stay safe and where to report the scam.

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University sorts out late loan mess

The University of Lincoln has had to bail out students whose loans still haven’t been paid by the Student Loans Company, despite being halfway through the academic year.

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University rectifies SLC shortfall

University of Lincoln assures students that their time at university will not be affected by late grants and loan installments.

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Student loan interest rate at 0%

The government has set the interest rate on student loans to 0%, disconnecting it from the rate of inflation. This means deflation will not reduce the amount students have to pay back.

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