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Could your phone be a powerful revision tool?

There are lots of apps out there that can help with your revision timetable, organise your tasks, or even keep you motivated – you just need the right one for you.

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Dogs can understand human emotions, university research finds

Dogs are able to recognise human emotions by using their senses, according to a new study by professors at the University of Lincoln and Brazil’s University of São Paulo.

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Gap Year vs Straight to University

When exam results flood in, many A Level students are leaving school and trying to figure out what their next step will be. Two very popular options are heading straight to university or going on a gap year.

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What day is it again? Study explores why people get days muddled

The University of Lincoln's Main Admin Building

A majority of people are more likely to get days in the middle of the week muddled more than they would with a Monday or Friday, Liam O’Dell reports.

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Caddies keep golfers focused, university study finds

University of Lincoln sign

A recent study conducted by the University of Lincoln found that caddies aren’t just someone who carts round the golfing clubs – instead they play a vital role when it comes to golfing performance, Liam O’Dell reports.

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Students to participate in new sleep deprivation study

Daniel Wenman

WATCH: The Linc speaks to Daniel Wenman, a Psychology research assistant, about his new study, which will explore the connection between sleep deprivation and genetics.

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Report: British students study less than Europeans

A report has shown that British graduates are studying less than their continental counterparts, placed second bottom after the Czech Republic.

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