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Outdoor workout ideas to try this summer

Photo: Fit Approach/ Flickr.

With the summer break well under way, Natasha Bailey is here to tell us how the time off could impact our fitness motivation.

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8 beautiful travel destinations you didn’t even know existed

Photo: fdecomite/ Flickr.

Everybody wants an adventure with something new and exciting to experience, but not everyone knows where to go in the world to find it. Here, Katie Anderton gives us eight of the most unusual, yet completely beautiful, places to travel.

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10 festival hacks you need in your life

Photo: Global Panorama

British summer might not be here in full just yet, but festival season sure is, and Zhenya Nikolova knows all about how to make the most of it.

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Fun things to do if we don’t have a sunny summer

Photo: Gabriele Diwald/ Flickr.

Every year we’re promised a heatwave as the summer season approaches, but the reality is often quite the opposite. Aoife Daly tells us what we can do if we don’t have such a sunny summer.

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Lew’s Lemon Cake

lemoncake credit to Lewis Woollard

It’s September, and we can feel winter drawing us in! But never fear, Lewis Woollard helps to cheer us up with this summery, fruity lemon cake recipe to stop those post-summer blues!

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Linc Style: Summer shoe trends


Written by Saskia Ashton. Your trusty ankle boots have seen you through the winter, and let’s be honest, most of spring. Now, the winds are changing and summer footwear is finally getting a look in.

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Get your skin ready for summer

Our top picks for getting your skin care routine summer ready. Photo credit: Jemma Page

The sun has just started peeking out of the clouds in Lincoln and despite the fact that it’s still quite chilly outside, it’s no longer bitterly cold which means that we may start turning our central heating down and embracing the sun.

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Interns: the modern slaves?

The tea run is a large part of the dreary reality of the intern’s life. Photo: Mike Hodges

An opportunity to learn more about the world of work, or a chance to be exploited by businesses? Mike Hodges looks into the benefits of internships.

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Sex and the City fashion fever begins

As the second ‘Sex and the City’ film hits cinemas later this week, The Linc looks at how it inspires a fresh summer wardrobe.

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Get body beautiful for summer

The High Street offers the cure to every body hang up so you can enjoy a cool summer. Photo: Luis  Hernandez

With summer approaching, and more flesh on show. Stacey Cosens tracks down the best beauty treatments to get you looking great for summer.

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