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Freshers’ Week 2012 line-up revealed

Zane Lowe is a regular at the University of Lincoln Freshers' Week. Photo: BBC Pictures

Zane Lowe, Sub Focus and “The Inbetweeners” star, James Buckley are among the guests coming to the Engine Shed for Freshers’ Week 2012.

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Students react to Festival Gardens: ‘a shack in the car park’

Many of the Festival Gardens residents have taken the situation in good humour, making friends and swapping phone numbers. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

The first residents of the University of Lincoln’s temporary student village, the Festival Gardens, have moved in – but whilst some freshers are taking it in good spirits, others aren’t happy with their “box with a bed in it”.

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Bring your wellies as ‘The Inbetweeners’ boys are back

Nothing ever goes according to plan for the boys of “The Inbetweeners” and the film is no exception. David Wrigglesworth went along to see how badly a holiday for the boys could end up.

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Compare the BA (Hons) Marketing

How much will Lincoln charge? It's the million pound question. Which is also how much is might cost to come here. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

Massive funding cuts are seeing universities having to raise their fees, there could be tough times ahead in higher education. The Linc‘s spreadsheet manipulation correspondent Maken Eetup explains.

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Greg Davies: ‘Silliness in comedy has gone’


After his successful show at the LPAC last week, The Linc caught up with Greg Davies to talk about touring, TV and ‘that quote’ from The Inbetweeners.

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Goodbye second-rate comedy, hello Greg Davies in Lincoln


Well-known for his role as Mr. Gilbert on The Inbetweeners, Greg Davies visited the LPAC this week to perform his stand-up set and clear his name.

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‘The Event’ will end like all other successful US TV shows

"The Event" is the latest drama series to come out of the US. Image: Xeworlebi

Ed Cottingham takes a look at US TV’s inability to let things go out on a high, instead choosing to milk a programme until it’s drained of any integrity.

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Inbetweeners: ‘Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln.’

"Goodbye first rate education, hello the University of Lincoln". | Photo: Bwark Productions

Monday night saw the University of Lincoln potentially propelled into infamy when popular comedy programme “The Inbetweeners” referenced it.

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