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Solomon Akhtar speaks to The Linc – The Apprentice, Uni Businesses, and Reality TV

Aaron Renfree sits down with Solomon Akhtar

The Linc’s Aaron Renfree sat down with entrepreneur and television personality Solomon Akhtar to discuss reality TV, The Apprentice (including his infamous encounter with Claude,) how to start a business at University, and much more.

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Lincoln Japan Festival 2015

The public try their hand at Samurai Swords.

Lincoln Japan Festival gave the public a chance to be educated and immersed in Japan’s rich and colourful culture.

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Grant Brown: We need more than three points every two games

In a week overshadowed by financial turmoil off the pitch, City assistant manager Grant Brown is calling for more dogged and determined performances on the road so the side can rally towards a playoff spot.

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The Linc | Pixel Shed 24/11/14

Listen as three nerds try their hardest not to slip into some kind of tired madness.

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Tourism on the rise in Lincoln

Written by Jimmy Morris-Knight. Tourism in Lincoln is booming after over 200,000 people visited tourism sites in Lincoln since April of last year.

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Diabetes sufferer to skydive for charity

University of Lincoln student Shaina Scotcher, 20, is skydiving this year to raise money for the charity Diabetes UK.

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SU council approves zero-hour contracts

Zero-hour contracts have been criticised from all sides of the political spectrum, being debated on the most recent episode of the BBC’s Question Time whilst the current Business Secretary, Vince Cable, admitted that they “can offer limited employment rights and job security”.

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Lincoln protests over zero-hour contracts

Written by Åsmund Løvdal. Activists from the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign protested against the use of zero-hour contracts and for a higher minimum wage outside McDonalds on Cornhill on Saturday 29 March.

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Changes needed, claims foreign council candidate

Written by Åsmund Austenå Løvdal. A campaign is under way to make the migrant voice heard in British politics.

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University research sheds light on parrot habits

Parrots can understand and enjoy the concept of sharing, a recent study from the University of Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences has found.

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