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Zane: ‘I’ll end up living in the middle of nowhere and ploughing fields’

Zane Lowe is a regular at the University of Lincoln Freshers' Week. Photo: BBC Pictures

Radio 1’s champion of new music visited Lincoln as part of their Student Tour, but Luke Morton wondered what else is going on in Zane’s life.

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Addicting the world to Crystal Method

Crystal Method Thumb

The Crystal Method aren’t the first music artists you think of when it comes to electronic music, but they’ve been around since 1993 and have some big-name collaborations under their belt.

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Spotlight: The Fall of Industry

The Fall of Industry have headlined The Cockpit in Leeds and have had positive recognition from the industry. Photo: David Pickett

The Fall of Industry are an up-and-coming band influenced by the likes of Muse and The Prodigy. Leo Worsdale spoke to drummer Adam Howlett about creating their unique sound and what the future holds.

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