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Student’s play to debut at the LPAC

The LPAC, taken by Jessica Hepworth.

Third year English student Michael Walker’s play, Through Emerald Embers, will be performed at the LPAC on Saturday, February 20.

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Mark Thomas to expose arms trade secrecy in Lincoln

Mark Thomas: Cuckooed promo photo

Gregor Smith talks to political comedian Mark Thomas, who brings his latest show Cuckooed to the Drill Hall on Thursday evening.

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Stunning aerial theatre in ‘Not Until We Are Lost’

Ockham's Razor returned to Lincoln, performing stunning aerial theatre.

Theatre group Ockahm’s Razor returned to Lincoln once again, with a new show. Frances Griffin went to see how the group’s aerial acrobatics compare to traditional theatre.

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Ockham’s Razor will have Lincoln audiences ‘lost’

Ockham's Razor return to Lincoln once more with "Not Until We Are Lost".

Theatre group Ockham’s Razor will come to Lincoln this week to perform “Not Until We Are Lost”… in mid-air. Hannah Gilbey found out more.

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Chapterhouse brings classic stories to life for Christmas


Chapterhouse Theatre Company will be putting on adaptations of Cranford at Christmas and A Christmas Carol to get people in the Christmas mood. Rebecca Caroline caught up with script writer Laura Turner to find out a little bit more.

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The curtain opens on the silver screen

There’s a certain ‘magic’ when watching a theatre production with a captivating cast and spectacular script – but is the same true when the show is on the big screen?

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A shining murder mystery in the ‘Inside Job’

Christopher Villiers and Matt Healy of "Emmerdale" star with Michelle Morris in "Inside Job". Photo: Amelia Highfield

A murder mystery in the sun as two “Emmerdale” stars feature in a tale of robbery, deceit, and female persuasion at the Lincoln Theatre Royal.

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Oscar Wilde’s wit to showcase in Lincoln

Isla Carter plays Gwendolen Fairfax in "The Importance of Being Earnest", which plays the Lincoln Theatre Royal this week. Photo: Wolf Marloh

Love, marriage, and secret identities: It’s Oscar Wilde at his finest and controversial self as “The Importance of Being Earnest” comes to Lincoln.

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Sweeney Todd – An experimental play at LPAC

Darkness, wit and humour were above LPAC on the evening of May 31, as Lincoln School of Performing Arts brought on stage a rather new style production.

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