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The best five city breaks for students

Photo: Charles Clegg/ Flickr.

Whether you need a break from the relentless uni work, or you just fancy some new scenery, we have the perfect solution! Here are five European city breaks that we think you’ll love!

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8 beautiful travel destinations you didn’t even know existed

Photo: fdecomite/ Flickr.

Everybody wants an adventure with something new and exciting to experience, but not everyone knows where to go in the world to find it. Here, Katie Anderton gives us eight of the most unusual, yet completely beautiful, places to travel.

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A postcard from the past: Erasmus one year later

Erasmus highlights, Photo: Cat Talbot

It was exactly a year ago today that I stood at my door, bags packed, ready to spend the next six months of my life in The Netherlands.

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Gap Year vs Straight to University


When exam results flood in, many A Level students are leaving school and trying to figure out what their next step will be. Two very popular options are heading straight to university or going on a gap year.

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Escape the British summer with ‘Work America’

The "Work America" programme is only available to students at UK universities. Photo: Martin de Witte

The “Work America” programme is an opportunity for students to travel abroad and gain some vital experience. Joanna Keeton investigates.

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Ditch the noodles with The Backpacker’s Kitchen

New book 'The Backpacker's Kitchen' will be out in June. Illustration: Yvonne Hacon

A new book offering money-saving recipes and advice, takes noodles and takeaways off the menu for travelling students.

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