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Linc Style: Summer shoe trends

Written by Saskia Ashton. Your trusty ankle boots have seen you through the winter, and let’s be honest, most of spring. Now, the winds are changing and summer footwear is finally getting a look in.

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Linc Style: Men’s essential footwear

By Jonathon Carlan. Naturally, upon first viewing an outfit, our head moves from north to south. Shoes are usually the final detail we notice and should complete the look.

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Autumn/Winter jewellery trends

Written by Alex Dade. Jewellery is all about making a statement this autumn/winter. Gold chains, jewel heavy necklaces and vintage inspired pieces are all key when it comes to being bang on trend this season.

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2013 Autumn/Winter make up trends

Written by Brigid Farrell. With the leaves crisping under foot and the days getting colder, it’s hard to deny that autumn is well under way and of course make up trends adjust along with the weather. 

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Tried and tested trends: the hard work done for you

Playsuits, military boots, and a messy side plait are tested as Stacey Cosens does the hard work and tries the latest trends to aid you in what to invest in this summer.

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