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Tuition fees set to rise at Lincoln

University of Lincoln tuition fees raised to £9,250

The University of Lincoln has announced it is raising its tuition fees from £9,000 to £9,250 from 2017. It means students who study a typical undergraduate course will pay up to £750 more over the period of their degree – not accounting for interest payments on their student debts.

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Student debt set to increase by up to a third

student debt infographic

Maintenance grants for students from poorer backgrounds will be scrapped next year, following Chancellor George Osborne’s 2015 budget.

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NUS VP Welfare: “we need to make it impossible for government to ignore us”

Shelly Asquith, NUS VP Welfare 2015/16

Gregor Smith speaks to Shelly Asquith, newly elected NUS Vice President Welfare, about how she plans to tackle the various emerging crises in student welfare under a majority Conservative government.

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NUS launch ‘roadmap’ for free education

The National Union of Students today put forward proposals for how university education could be made free to students.

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Increased tuition fees have sobering effect on student boozing

A survey has revealed that third year students are hitting the town more often than freshers. John Fernandez reports.

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University of Lincoln students attend national protest

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of London on Wednesday, November 21st to protest against youth unemployment, tuition fee rises and other financial issues facing students.

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Deputy vice-chancellor defends Lincoln’s £9k fees

The university’s deputy vice-chancellor, Professor Scott Davidson, has defended Lincoln’s decision to charge £9,000 for tuition fees come 2012.

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Goodbye £9,000, hello University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln plans to charge students the maximum level of tuition fees – £9,000 per year – from 2012.

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Lincoln charging £9,000 is ‘a flat-out mistake’

Lincoln joins the 9k club, but is university worth paying that much? Jack Dobson-Smith argues that although university is a choice, Lincoln made the wrong one.

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Compare the BA (Hons) Marketing

Massive funding cuts are seeing universities having to raise their fees, there could be tough times ahead in higher education. The Linc‘s spreadsheet manipulation correspondent Maken Eetup explains.

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