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Candidate interview: Nick Smith (UKIP)

Nick Smith (right) hopes to ride a purple wave to victory in Lincoln. here with UKIP leader Nigel Farage (left).

Nick Smith, the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective parliamentary candidate for Lincoln chats with The Linc about hydrogen technology and how the EU is like the Soviet Union.

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Two Lincoln parliamentary candidates shun university over speaker policy

Students can be the decicive factor for the Lincoln seat at the general election in May 2015, as the incumbant Tory MP only has a 5.9% majority.
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Parliamentary candidates for both UKIP and the Conservatives have withdrawn from events at the University of Lincoln after refusing to sign an agreement for guest speakers.

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New kid on the block

Robin Hunter-Clarke insists that his young age will not be a disadvantage if he is elected to be MP for Boston & Skegness in May.

He is only 22-years old but Robin Hunter-Clarke is on his way to become the next MP for Boston & Skegness on a Ukip ticket.

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Why don’t politicians talk about immigration?

Immigration is an issue that divides opinion across the country and Lincoln is no exception. As an area that’s had an influx on eastern European migrants, what do the election candidates think?

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