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Law Lecturer in the United States

The Head of the University of Lincoln’s Law School delivered a lecture in the United States earlier this month. Duncan French’s talk, delivered on October 5, was titled “Good Governance: Environmental Rights as Citizen Rights.” In partnership with the Lincoln Cathedral, the presentation was part of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta celebrations. 

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Reporting Green with C4’s Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke, Channel 4’s science guru, gave a rousing speech at the University of Lincoln on Monday, March 9, on the ups and downs of science reporting and where it sits in the news agenda, global warming and even explored the news coverage of animal testing.

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The technology dilemma

This morning, 250 million text messages will be sent around the country. I’ll probably send five or six of them. And as I finish, I might join the eight million UK Facebook members to update my profile.

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Oxford Drop-outs – A Foals interview

Hayley Cook spoke to lead singer Yannis Philippakis about smoking pot and that fiery temper of his.

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The New York Work Experience

The looming prospect of finding a job upon graduation may seem a daunting task considering the current state of the economy. But gaining work placement experience within the United Kingdom or in other countries can aid in this process.

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John Pilger Interview Exclusive

John Pilger, world-renowned journalist, visited the University of Lincoln earlier this month to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Arts. The Linc exclusively interviewed Mr. Pilger to find out his views on the Ruso-Georgian conflict, the future of American politics, censorship, propaganda and the evolution of the University of Lincoln.

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September around the world with Daniel Hutchinson

Let us not, then, dither over decisions that are key to our future. Let us not take for granted our prospects. Instead, let us be positive as we set off on another year. Let us go forth to making the best of our year.

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Imp’s Expert Eye

Lincoln City’s versatile full-back Paul Green talks to Aaron Scott about the Imps start to the season, Abu Dhabi’s multi-million pound takeover of Manchester City, his admiration for Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton’s chances of clinching the F1 title.

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