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Have students lost their activism touch?


The most surprising thing for Mike Hodges was not that so few students turned out to protest against the debts they are forced to incur, but that any of them turned up at all.

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An unequal protest on the High Street

Protesters chanted “When they say cut back, we say fight back” across Lincoln's High street. (Click to enlarge) Photo: JDS/The Linc

A protest on the High Street, the last leg of the “Ven’debt’a” campaign, saw a disproportionate number of students from the University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University College.

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Flashmob or flashflop? SU “Ven’debt’a” begins

Students and SU officers performed their dance routine in the Atrium. (Click to enlarge) Photo: Samuel Cox

Lincoln’s Students’ Union have kicked off their “Ven’debt’a” campaign on Tuesday, with an underwhelming flashmob event in the Atrium.

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