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From taboo to trend

Getting tired of the same fashions, stylists are encouraging to break the tradition rules. Kirsty O’Connell looks in to new fashion delights.

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Is fashion fair?

The world of fashion is renowned for wanting nothing but skinny, tall, perfect models. But are real women under represented in fashion? Rachel Dalton takes a look.

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The blurred boundaries of fashion: is nudity necessary?

Does the fashion world need a reform in order to stop the tolerance of inappropriate behaviour towards models? Jessica Brown explores the issue.

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Your style dilemas solved: Oversized accessories and colour combinations

Wearing big earrings and necklaces together can work well with a bit of experimentation. Photo: Anneka James

Natalie Littlewood tackles another two readers’ style concerns. This time, wearing black with navy, and how much jewellery is too much?

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