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Campaign aims to quiet streets

Shush campaign logo sprayed in pink upon the pavement on Carholme Road (Picture: Gregor Smith)

The Shush campaign has moved onto “phase two”, which includes spraying the campaign’s logo on West End streets.

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Opinion: Article 4 is not anti-students

Lincoln's West End, a popular residential area. Photo: Luke Pennington via Flickr.

The recent request by the West End Residents’ Association (WERA) to implement an Article 4 Direction in their area has received significant media coverage. Committee member and West End resident Rob Lewis explains the reasoning behind their request for an Article 4 Direction in Lincoln.

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Residents: “HMOs are threatening our community”

Residents in Lincoln's West End have seen their community weakened by the rapidly growing number of house shares in the area. They want the council to use more reulatory powers available to them. Photo: Oliver Winston

Members of the West End Residents Association committee have spoken out about why they want tighter planning regulations in the city.

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Residents’ Association: “This isn’t anti-student… it’s anti-some students”

Residents of Lincoln's West End area voiced their concerns of students anti-social behavior at a meeting this week. Photo: Oliver Winston

Residents of Lincoln’s West End voiced their anger at students living in the area at a meeting this week, Oliver Winston reports.

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Student Union help to clean up Lincoln


The SU and willing volunteers today took to part in Community Action Day that involved litter picking up on Carholme Road and the surrounding areas.

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University issues warning about West End disturbances

street in the West End of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln has received a number of complaints from residents regarding noise in the West End. John Fernandez reports.

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Power cut leaves many Lincoln homes in the dark

The only sources of light on Carholme Road was car headlights, flickering candles and torches.

Widespread blackout: several power-cuts swept across Lincoln on Sunday night, January 17, following a fault in the Carholme Road area, as darkness engulfed parts of the city.

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Setback for West End’s talking signs

Confusion and doubt surrounds Lincolnshire County Council’s scheme to put up talking warning signs around Lincoln’s West End.

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West End crime rate drops drastically

Crime figures have fallen sharply for the West End, in comparison to the same period last year. But Lincolnshire Police are advising students to keep on their toes with security.

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West End to get a new voice

Warning signs that tell noisy revellers to keep quiet are soon to take their place in the West End of Lincoln, in a scheme from Lincolnshire County Council. Would you listen?

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