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Why is work experience so important for your career?

work experience office (Photo: EG Focus via flickr)

Liam O’Dell explains why work experience is more than just making cups of tea.

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The Golden Rules to making a CV


As an ex-student and recruitment specialist of several years, Phil Gratton reveals common Curriculum Vitae (CV) mistakes that people make and how to remedy them.

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Earning and learning with luxury jewellery range Stella and Dot

A Stella and Dot starter kit contains jewellery, magazines, look books and business supplies. Photo: Puja Ram

Finding the right balance between assignments and work experience can be tricky, but Puja Ram says she’s found the ideal job working for luxury jewellery range Stella and Dot.

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Graduates give guidance at guest lecture

Six graduates returned to talk about their experiences. Photo: The Linc

The final Journalists Speak Out on Journalism session for the year saw former graduates come back to discuss their experiences.

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Are we worthless?

Are we doing society a big disservice by taking unpaid work? Photo: Duncan Cumming

The 2012 London Olympics are to be run with the aid of 70,000 volunteers who are to be paid nothing. Mike Hodges thinks this is wrong.

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A cut above the rest at Lincoln’s Fashion Show

This year’s fashion show, consisting of third year Fashion Studies Students is arguably the best yet. The Linc joined many others in marvelling over the designs

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Interns: the modern slaves?

The tea run is a large part of the dreary reality of the intern’s life. Photo: Mike Hodges

An opportunity to learn more about the world of work, or a chance to be exploited by businesses? Mike Hodges looks into the benefits of internships.

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Claudia Aliffe: a student with initiative

Claudia Aliffe, a mature student at the University of Lincoln, is studying fashion. Jessica Brown looks at her designs and aspirations.

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Selling yourself: become a walking billboard

University of Lincoln student (Mike Hodges) will work for nothing just to get experience. Photo: Mike Hodges

Young people are the ones worst hit by the recession, but Mike Hodges has a few handy tips for how to better yourself in the job market.

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Lincoln students get creative to earn money

Giving guitar lessons is helping one University of Lincoln student fund her studies. | Photo: Anneka James

With regular jobs still hard to come by, some students at the University of Lincoln like Brooke Charlesworth, are finding creative ways of funding their studies.

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