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Why is work experience so important for your career?

work experience office (Photo: EG Focus via flickr)

Liam O’Dell explains why work experience is more than just making cups of tea.

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Three in five East Midlands workers are unhappy

Depression and anxiety affects a large majority of people

If you’re enjoying your part time job while at university, you’re very much in the minority – a new survey has revealed that workers in the East Midlands are the second most unhappy in the country.

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Fight for your right to do nothing

Students might have a bad reputation for being lazy. But, as Darren Moss explains, it’s probably well deserved.

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Where will this summer take you?

Josh Donnelly spends his summers taking people on pub crawls around Rome.  Photo: Katie Bergin

Still deciding how to spend your summer? Sophie Card takes a look at some of the different things to do over the holiday period.

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