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How to prepare yourself for the transition from student to working life

Do you know what the scariest thing about being at university is? No, it’s not the workload and deadlines! What’s scarier than that is knowing that the end of your student life is approaching very fast…

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Why is work experience so important for your career?

work experience office (Photo: EG Focus via flickr)

Liam O’Dell explains why work experience is more than just making cups of tea.

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Three in five East Midlands workers are unhappy

If you’re enjoying your part time job while at university, you’re very much in the minority – a new survey has revealed that workers in the East Midlands are the second most unhappy in the country.

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Fight for your right to do nothing

Students might have a bad reputation for being lazy. But, as Darren Moss explains, it’s probably well deserved.

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Where will this summer take you?

Still deciding how to spend your summer? Sophie Card takes a look at some of the different things to do over the holiday period.

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