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McDonald’s and Budweiser: FIFA leaves a rotten legacy

Soweto fan park saw thousands of people enter into it to watch all of the big games throughout the World Cup. Photo Frederic Jon

Now that the World Cup 2010 circus has well and truly left South Africa, what financial effect did the tournament have on the host nation?

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England and Germany: the next chapter of the rivalry

For 1966 to be repeated England need to beat Germany at Bloemfontein, will it need to penalties? Photo: Germán Aczel

When England and Germany meet on the pitch sparks always fly. Tom Farmery discovers where the rivalry began and asks will it end at Bloemfontein?

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‘Jermain Defoe confident winning in a shootout against Germans’

Whenever England play Germany on the highest stage in football, there’s only ever one talking point: the chance of a penalty shootout.

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England expects, what exactly?

Every four years the population of England gets behind the national team with the hope of bring World Cup glory home. Photo: G Lloyd

England’s hope of World Cup glory hangs in the balance, but the issue that Tom Farmery can’t get away from is our naive expectations of the team.

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World Cup Report 2010: England v. USA

Watch The Linc‘s video report of the first match from the England World Cup 2010 campaign as they took on the USA.

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