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Will Microsoft’s changes to Xbox Live Indie Games save the service?

David Wriglesworth takes a look at the Xbox Live Indie Games and the future of the service.

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Gaming’s next Kinection

Leave your dignity at the door – as you become the controller with a new gadget for the Xbox 360. Jonathan Cresswell tries the new 3D camera from Microsoft.

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Natal: New movement in gaming set for 2010 release

A new device for the Xbox 360 is to allow your whole body to be used as the controller in a year set to be dominated by motion control.

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Review: Skate 2

Skate 2 is the sequel to the much-loved Skate, developed by EA Blackbox. The innovative ‘flick it’ trick system employed on Skate was a revolutionary turn for the extreme sports genre, yet the game was not without its flaws.

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