Boosting your metabolism could be the answer to shedding a few pounds and achieving that satisfying, trim summer body that gives you that extra confidence. Some people are blessed with a speedy metabolism, but if you don’t there are several things that you can do to help things along.

Building up muscle is a good way to help boost your metabolism because our bodies constantly burns calories even when not doing anything. This resting metabolic rate is higher in people with more muscle as each pound of muscle uses about six calories a day compared to a pound of fat which uses only two.

“Many people think of diets and feel they have to starve themselves but it actually makes a lot more sense to eat little and often. If you only eat properly once a day you’re always hungry and it is hard to keep up but if you eat regularly it is easier to manage,” said Lincoln fitness expert, Peter Rogerson.

This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to join a gym as simple things such as push-ups and pull-ups can be effective.

Eating more often, surprisingly, may help you to lose weight. Eating large meals with long gaps in between allows your metabolism to slow down but by eating a small meal or snack six times a day your body keeps working and burning more calories.

Six chocolate bars won’t help but a sensible balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and wholemeal bread and pasta will.

Even drinking more water will make weight loss easier as when your body becomes even slightly dehydrated your metabolism will slow down and this is why sometimes you will feel lethargic. The caffeine in drinks like green tea gives the body a boost as well but as with most things too much caffeine is not recommended. A couple of cups a day is a sensible and effective amount.

A healthy lifestyle consisting of a nutritious diet and regular exercise is a lot more worthwhile than a crash diet. Crash diets are normally a fad and hard to maintain and while they sometimes bring impressive results people generally gain weight again afterwards.