Ryan Jagger has created a bit of a stir in the quiet town of Cleethorpes. Just 21-years-old, Jagger has written, recorded, and is in the process of releasing his pop-RnB style music onto iTunes. He is being helped by J.Milnes, the success behind Jamelia and the Sugababes, and has played to crowds of 8,000 people.

He is also working on a dance project called Havana. BENT Magazine says “Cleethorpes isn’t known as a hot bed of artistic talent but there is one guy who is determined to stamp that illusion right out… his name is Ryan Jagger and his sound is like an embryonic Justin Timberlake with just a hint of Janet Jackson.”

After catching up with him on one of his quieter days The Linc interviewed him on the past, present, and future of his music  career.

Jagger studied music at A-level, but that he stopped studying as he wanted to get his “hands dirty”, and learn by creating rather than just doing the theory.

He said: “I’ve never looked back and I’ve had so much fun by going my own way, I suppose that’s how I found my writing style too.”

Jagger wrote his first record when he was 17, but wasn’t impressed with the results. “I was attempting an indie-rock sound which I just couldn’t pull off,” he says, “I’m glad not too many people heard it.”

He says that he was hugely influenced by Michael Jackson, who has also had an effect on many other artists. Jagger says the lyrics come to him as they fit “whatever beat is running through [his] head”, or he takes something significant to him personally and works his music around that.

He says: “If I’m inspired to write about a personal experience, I channel that energy in to a record, and it’s given me my most successful work.”

Jagger says that “being an independent artists is a rollercoaster,” and that the crowds he pulls in vary hugely. He says that playing to a good crowd is “eurphoric”, but that being a musician “leaves you open for harsh… comments.”

“Listeners feedback is the most important thing to me,” he says, “the audience know what they like and what they don’t.”Ryan was quick to add that even if the pressure mounts, he will never stop making music.

“If the music’s in you, I don’t believe you can stop making noise. Just because you don’t win a talent show and wake up the next morning with a million-pound deal, doesn’t mean you aren’t making good stuff.”

Jagger was also keen to advise other budding musicians out there, with his main tip being to be a ruthless self-promoter.

“Work hard to get your name heard whenever, and wherever you can. Treat yourself like a brand, promote yourself like a brand – be ruthless. Make people listen. If they’ve never heard of you, they won’t have an opinion on you, and they won’t be buying your records, either.”

Ryan is not currently touring locally, but is playing at:
Swansea Pride – June 27th
Belfast Pride – August 1st
Manchester Pride – August 28th

His upcoming single, ‘Moth to a Flame’, is available now from iTunes. You can keep up with Ryan and his work on his website. To listen to his full length music tracks, visit his Myspace.

By Elizabeth Fish

Elizabeth Fish is based in Lincoln, UK and is the current Deputy Editor of The Linc Magazine, and Culture Editor. Also in her final year studying a degree in Journalism. Writing interests include entertainment (especially music) and tech. Follow her on Twitter .