Lincoln showground is to host to boxer Lee Swaby’s latest fight against Dave Engilby. The fight is scheduled for October 30th and will be Swaby’s second fight on home turf.

Swaby is most famous for his surprise victory over Enzo Maccarinelli, and has been training hard for this fight.

“Mentally, you know, it’s been my job now for the last sort of 10-12 years, so mentally it’s not really an issue, it’s what I do; I get up in the morning [and] go to the gym.”

Many fighters prepare for a big fight by getting aggressive. A fighter known for this tactic is Mike Tyson, whose aggression ended in an opponent’s ear being dinner. This is not the way Swaby looks at things.

“As for a lot of fighters they find aggression such, I don’t I personally fight as it’s a big game it’s a bit of a one-upmanship for me. He throws a shot, I’ll throw three, if he throws two shots, I’ll throw five, that’s the sort of thing and the way I sort of push it out.”

Recently Swaby’s career as a Heavyweight boxer was recognized by the television show Prizefighter. This entailed the Lincoln-born boxer being lucky enough to be a reserve fighter for the show.

“It meant me going down there and going to all the press conferences and the weigh in and the rest of that stuff.

“If there was an injury I would have to jump in at the next level they would go back in at.”

With 11 knock-outs and 24 wins under his belt, Lee “I’m No Baby” Swaby has many memorable moments within the ring. But the memory that sticks in his head like a thorn was fought in Newark against another Lincoln boxer.

“One of my proudest moments was when I won a British masters title in Newark against a fellow Lincoln local Tom Dowling.

“The whole of Lincoln was there and some of them were supporting him, some of them were supporting me, the atmosphere in there was amazing and sure enough I went on to win it.”

With his next fight looming around the corner, Swaby seems to be ready for the fight and is focused on the future of his career.

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