Students have been targeted by fraudsters trying to steal their bank details, attempting to trick them with an email about their student loans.

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is warning of an email phishing scam sent to some students. The University of Lincoln reiterated the warning on Monday, January 18th, in an email to all of its students, advising them to ignore the fraudulent email.

The email claims to be from the SLC and contains a link to a site requesting your bank details in order to receive loan payment. Students are being told not to follow the link and not to give out any bank details.

If you have already followed this link and provided your bank details, the advice is to go online and change the password on your account as soon as possible.

The fake email reads:

“This is a formal notification of an important account update. Due to a recent update in our database we require all student to update their account information to ensure you receive your scheduled payment, and avoid a missed payment. To update your account information, click on the link below created specially for this purpose.

Please fill the requested information exactly as you filled it when you were signing up for student finance. or your payment will be suspended because of failed account verification.

Yours sincerely
Student Finance England”

If you have received the email, forward it to The University of Lincoln ICT Service Desk is available for help and advice at

The SLC say they would never email students asking to confirm their bank details.