The University of Lincoln denies that it lacks enough funding to build the new Business and Law Faculty (BLF) building, after The Linc reported the project’s delay, on Tuesday January 26th.

A source told The Linc that the university does not have the money to finish the redevelopment of the old Lincolnshire Echo building into the new BLF centre and that this is the reason for its delay.

However, Professor Scott Davidson, pro vice-chancellor for external affairs, says: “Funding for the [BLF] building is — and always has been – secure. There was never any question that the resources required by the original project proposal would not be available to complete the removal of the faculty from its current locations to the new building.

“We have, however, managed to secure some additional funding to ensure that the building will have a high quality finish with a good number of common and learning spaces designed to enhance the student experience.”

The project is due to start on February 15th, later than originally planned, because a redesign of part of the conversion was required to comply with regulations from the Planning Authority. Construction should take 34 weeks,meaning the project’s completion date is October 22nd.

Students and staff will not move into the new building until the 2010 Christmas break, in order to “minimise the impact on students and staff and to avoid the difficulties of an in-term shift,” said Professor Davidson.

“I would make the observation that this is a large and complex project that involves the conversion of a ‘brown field’ building originally designed for a different purpose. This has created some significant challenges, largely externally imposed, but all colleagues involved… have worked collegially and professionally to overcome these,” he said.