Healthy campus week returns to the University of Lincoln at the beginning of the month for the third time, as the university tries to encourage both students and staff to discover new healthy lifestyles.

Healthy campus week, in conjunction with Give it a go week, is a week long event which is hosting a variety of different activities as well as offering health checks to staff and students.

From the 1st – 7th March the week will offer something new for everyone and taking place in various locations around the university, as well as at Riseholme and Holbeach campuses, it wouldn’t be hard to find something you haven’t tried before.
Some of the Sports on offer from the university include trampoline, cheerleading and the pedometer challenge. They’ve even chosen to add an old school sports day to get more people to join in.

Antony O’Sullivan, a fitness instructor at the University of Lincoln sports centre, said: “Healthy campus week is a great idea. Being physical will improve all aspects of your lifestyle and there so much for everyone to try. Nerves about starting something new are natural but classes range from beginner to advanced level so don’t worry about it, and join in.”

As well as having “Happy Hour” in the gym, the university sports centre is also offering an exclusive set with their very own resident DJ, DJ Freestorm, which is said to include 2 hours of live energetic, motivating tunes to help you through your workout.

Student Cara Wiseman had never heard of healthy campus week until now. “I saw a banner outside the sports centre but that was all. After looking at the brochure I think healthy campus week is an awesome idea. My fitness levels are pretty dire so these activities would be great to try,” she said.

Healthy campus week isn’t just about physical health, but is about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. On offer is a wide range of therapies designed to de-stress and help you to learn how to relax. Body MOT’s, assessing your fitness levels, and massages are on offer along with other services that include Osteoporosis assessments and relaxation workshops.

If indoor sports just aren’t your thing a range of outdoor and adventure activites are available to try. Local Lincoln clubs are leading orienteering and aim to push both your mind and body.

For more information on healthy campus week, head down to the university sports centre or download the brochure from the university portal.